Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faux stained glass geek lamp revamp

Hello again! I am feverishly working on my house, so in the spirit of procrastination I give you another project- a geek project, but this time a faux stained glass geek project you can convert to non-geek if you have to ;)

Here is a before picture of the lamp-with a special appearance by the glorious Hannah B
It just felt outdated and plain in my kitchen and I felt like I was always dusting it.

First I taped it all up inside and out and spray-painted all the brassy-gold metal "matte aluminum". then I sat down and planned out each panel.

I made 2 panels for each of our geeky favorites (well.. SOME of our geeky favs anways)
2 Harry Potter
2 Doctor Who
2 Star Wars
2 comics.

I used tracing paper and drew out what I wanted each panel to look like, then taped it to the back of each glass panel.


all taped it looked like this:

I used Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint in black for the "leading" on the lamp and traced over all my black lines. I waited for each panel to set before moving to the next panel. I did this before, bed, and in the morning I mixed up Elmer's glue in mini-muffin tins and added a bit of acrylic craft paint to make them the colors I wanted. I like how mine turned out but I'd recommend only a drop of paint or two and not a lot so it's more see-through.

I let the paint well up in the little spaces and used cotton swabs to suck up any stray paint.

You don't even want to know how long it took me to make this lamp, but HOURS of drying per panel plus a ton of crouching and bending over it. I couldn't take the glass out of the lamp without ruining it, so I had to paint it then dry completely before flipping to the next one.


geek lamp revamp collage

my two favorite panels:


I am so pleased with how it looks in my grass green kitchen! I'd share pictures but... that was the point of this post - to procrastinate cleaning.


  1. I adore this lamp! Thanks again for letting me reblog it. :)

  2. thank you for deeming it cool enough to blog about :)