Thursday, September 15, 2011


Welcome to Crafturday! We are three friends, with different crafting interests. We get together monthly on Saturdays for some kid-free craft time. Well, we attempt kid-free. It hardly ever works out that way.

So, to recap: Crafters + Saturday = Crafturday!
Oh, who's clever?

Since we have such different interests, we hope to bring a wide variety to this spot. And to inspire ourselves to keep up with projects, and do at least one project a week! We'll each take a turn talking about what we did that week.

And now, I will end this in an abrupt manner. Because it is late. I lack any sort of focus. Plus, uh, what more is there to say besides the main concept, when we haven't really gotten started yet??

Check back for introductions to each of us, and we will jump into blogging next week!

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